Call Mighty Hands Roofing if you're in need of roof replacement. A roof replacement will take your roof to the next level of greatness in your neighborhood. No more will your neighbors shame your roof. Call our local Clayton, NC Roofing Contractors today for a free estimate so we can get started.
What does a new roof mean to you? If it means added protection, then you're right. A new roof is properly sealed which means that no moisture or rain will seep into your attic. Now when it rains, you won't have to worry about putting buckets out.

Do you need a new roof. There are certain ways to tell that you're in need of a new roof. First you should have a roof inspections done. If you want one done by a roofing professional, then please contact us at Mighty Hands Roofing.

Jeff was very friendly and professional. The job was done correctly and quickly ... he arrived the same afternoon.

Marjorie M. in Holly Springs, NC

How to tell if you're in need of a roof replacement in Clayton, NC or the Triangle Area:

  • Your roof is sagging
  • There are dark spots or trails on your roof
  • Water damage
  • Leaks in the roof
  • Light showing through roof

Quality Roof Installation

You can also do an exterior check on your own. An exterior check will validate the fact that you need a new roof. You should visually inspect your roof by standing outside your house and check for missing shingles. Also, look around your chimney area to see if there is anything that's loose. Roofs are basically made of three different materials: concrete, cedar or tile. Each of these roofing materials has advantages to them, but you should always go with a roofing material that's a good fit for you. A sturdy roof will last you a very long time and not be in need of repairs.

Shingle Replacement

The differences in roofing types are the following: concrete should never need replaced as it's one of the most durable compounds, cedar will split which means that it is going to need replaced in about 20 years, and the tile roof is on that will last up to 100 years if well taken care of. Go with the roofing services of Mighty Hands Roofing. We make roofing look simple. Our goal is to provide you with a new warranted roof that is going to last you a very long time. We only use quality materials and are skilled at constructing roofs. Don't forget who can get you a Cary roof replacement when you need one. Mighty Hands Roofing is there when you need them. Make an appointment with us today and you'll see how prompt and courteous we really are.